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EEPI’s mission is to promote the ‘triple bottom line’ – serving Equity, Economics and the Environment – for investments in economic development and environmental protection. Our work includes project planning and financial/risk management support, urban and regional planning, design, physical planning and real estate development, and public policy planning and evaluation.

Economic viability is a precondition, but not the only necessary criterion, for examining public policies – and private investments.  We thus examine both short- and long-term social and environmental impacts, not just economic returns, in assessing alternatives.

Equity starts with participation, so any planning processes have to involve the people affected by proposed actions from the beginning. We do not offer “solutions” for problems, but work with the communities, people and businesses facing decisions about their futures to help them address the issues they need to have resolved in the short term , always making sure their interests are addressed.

Environmental impacts define the boundaries for successful economic development over time.  Planning approaches or development options that do not long term environmental effects are doomed to fail the fundamental test of economic viability as they inevitably cost more and more to sustain over time.

Rather than translating anticipated social or environmental outcomes immediately into measurable ‘costs and benefits’ in economic terms, we take care to derive measures from affected communities of human and about ecological impacts independent of their importance to humans. Given its nature and treatment of time, pure financial analysis has too short an horizon to offer an adequate guide to sustainability on its own. Only if all the impacts are described in their own terms can the many dimensions of action alternatives be fully recognized. That  complexity then can provide data to inform possible innovative solutions that reliance on a single metric or common algorithmic standard simply obscures.

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